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Thailand Gate

Phuket, Tailandia

After a complicated start to the year in Thailand still marked by the pandemic, class suspensions, and uncertainty to carry out our work, we finally resumed normality in the 22-23 season, and from June on, we can carry out all the training sessions with the boys and girls.

With the return of normality, Gate’s work in Thailand comes back stronger than ever, and this year is characterized by being present at many events and involving boys and girls in more activities.

Educational centers

Action photoEnd of the fundraising campaign

End of the fundraising
campaign “Roelien’s Dream”

With the collection of €100,000 for the construction of a primary school center for 200 boys and girls.

Gate Of Football Cup 2022

Gate of Football
Cup 2022

January 29th

We celebrated our first local championship with the community with the aim of consolidating our project among the local people and generating a sense of identity among collaborating families and institutions.
Action photoNew office

New office

In June, we built our office on the ACF premises to grow in autonomy and consolidate our collaboration with our partner.
Gasroots Tailandia

Collaboration with the
Football Association of Thailand
in the “Grassroots” project first event

First event

👉 Grassroots Care Football Festival
🗓️ July 2
📍 Sai Nam Yen School
🕛 From 4:00 to 6.30 p.m.

🎯 Our objective was to introduce the Football Association to the local community by playing football with the little ones and sharing the values that sports offer.

Equipo Karon Beach

Karon Beach
Football Competition

Our women’s football team reached the third place in the Karon Beach Football Competition, organized by the Provincial Sports Association of Phuket.

The event, presented by the Department of Physical Education and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, aims to promote physical exercise and well-being among young people

Campeonato en Kathu

Kathu School

We participated in the local competition between schools, organized by the Savings and Credit Cooperatives Association, in Kathu (Thailand)
Reparación cubierta Colegio Baan Bang Thong

Repairing the football
field’s surface at
Baan Bang Thong School

Allowing hundreds of children to enjoy their activities in the center’s space without any risks of danger or accidents.

Viaje solidario

Collaboration with
ACF in a solidarity trip

Trip to Omko (Chiang Mai), in northern Thailand for the construction of bathrooms in the village of Khapophu and the development of football activities with the children in the area.

A total of 41 children between 6 and 14 years old and some of their parents participated in these games, aimed at promoting values such as teamwork, decision-making, and gender equality.

Jóvenes entrenadores de Tailandia

coaches progam

The young coaches program aims to involve them in teaching the youngest ones by acting as assistant coaches and role models for the boys and girls.

This means that they receive learning that can allow them to develop as coaches and open a path in teaching through football and a new way towards a path of future with better opportunities.


Spain Gate

Pan Bendito, Madrid

The 22-23 season in Pan Bendito is characterized by a clear commitment to consolidating our method and professionalizing our work with the Club.

We incorporate the figure of young coaches, boys and girls who have been part of the project and want to continue to be involved, learning and training as future coaches.


  • Prebenjamín
  • Benjamín
  • Alevín
  • Infantil
  • Cadete
Programa entrenadores

coaches program

The young coaches program aims to involve them in teaching the youngest ones by acting as assistant coaches and role models for the boys and girls.

This means that they receive learning that can allow them to develop as coaches and open a path in teaching through football and a new way towards a path of future with better opportunities



Evento final temporada Pan Bendito 2022

Season 21-22
end of season event

On June 17th, we celebrated an end of season event with guest Gaters Ike Uche, Nano Rivas, and Cesar Navas.

Matches were played, medals were awarded, we enjoyed a delicious cake, and the former footballers gave valuable words of advice to the players of the club


Foto de grupo del evento navideño

event 2022

The program of the event included the following activities:

  • Matches between coaches and cadet and children’s teams.
  • Gymkhana.
  • Delivery of letters from children in our project in Thailand to the players.
  • Delivery of gifts.
  • A personalized cake.

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Conclusion of 2022

The year 2022 in both projects is defined as a year of changes, new implementations, and giving that boost that allows us to advance and become even more efficient in our impact with children and families through our resources.

The end of the previous season allowed us to assess and analyze, despite some difficulties caused by the pandemic, to improve and be more precise in our ultimate focus of helping children.

The new season is characterized by a general improvement, both in terms of internal processes that we carry out every day, and in the search for that efficient impact that allows us to offer children the guarantees of helping them with their needs.

It is a year of progress and consolidation of our methodology.

Objectives for 2023


Consolidation of our methodology and opening of new categories and groups to increase the number of boys and girls.

Academic support

Continuity and implementation of our academic support program focused on helping with daily school assignments and reinforcing key subjects in their stage, such as English among others.

The lack of resources or sufficient support to keep up with their academic development is one of the most common problems that some children usually have, and one of the main causes of demotivation or early school dropout.

Helping the most vulnerable

Development and implementation of the new heart sponsorship program for specific cases. The objective is to close 2023 by helping as many children as possible who are in situations of extreme vulnerability.

Improving general well-being

Our programs allow us to develop improvements in emotional, social, cognitive, and physical aspects in children that benefit their teaching-learning process.

Creating community support networks

The opportunities for participation for families and children increase when a network of collaborations is generated that allows us to offer a greater number of resources and possibilities


Detalle colores

Our methodology is consolidated season after season, seeking those small improvements that allow us to be increasingly demanding in our ultimate goal of offering children optimal tools and resources for their future.

Heart Program

Sponsorship program in Thailand

A program where immediate or short-term impact is sought through solutions offered for different special cases detected in some children and their families. From the most basic needs to more complex but radically immediate impact solutions.

Curation Program

Medium-term sustainability program for families or children

This program is characterized as another of the new paths that Gate proposes to work on the future of children and families, seeking an improvement in their living situation through measures that can serve to seek resources that generate a positive change in the medium to long term, both in terms of income economics, as in other aspects that can serve to improve or achieve their objectives.

Value program

The empowerment and integral development of minors through sports and socio-educational strategies and activities, keys to improving adequate social and emotional well-being and enhancing their quality of life.

Acquiring skills, tools, and learning allows for increased integration opportunities and developing a better perspective of the future.

Monitoring and support during the program facilitate identifying the needs and progress of minors.

Sport as an engine for change


Training sessions related to the values program, where an improvement in the physical and sports qualities of children is sought, emphasizing the transfer of values through football that is developed through playful-technical learning.





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