About our foundation

Gate of football is a global non-profit foundation whose mission is to help the most disadvantaged children.

We are soccer players and sports professionals (Gaters) whose social conscience spurs us to take an active role in society.

We have our own methodology based on theory and the creation of opportunities within a framework of physical and emotional value.

The coaching team is made up of professionals from the fields of sports and the psychology of physical activity.

Our projects

Spain - Thailand

We currently have four active projects, three on the island of Phuket in Thailand and one in Madrid, Spain. We are helping more than 280 children under our methodology, in collaboration with local schools and child integration centers.


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News imageGate and Asia Center Foundation Agreement
2 June 2020 Gate and Asia Center Foundation Agreement In November 2018, after several trips to get to know the local society, culture and needs, especially of the children, we signed... Go to news
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Gate of football

To donate is to be, to collaborate, to participate, to join a movement that requires everyone’s help.

You can also be Gater and make a direct financial donation or through the solidarity purchase of any of our products.

All donations will go directly to our projects in Spain and Thailand.

In addition, you can help us to be more and spread our mission. Take a photo with any of our products and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #yotambiensoygater. Don’t forget to mention us @gateoffootballofficial.

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Company Gaters

These are companies with an important social objective that support and believe in the values of Gate of Football. These companies help to cover needs in various areas of the foundation.