The foundation
Gate for Children

We are a Spanish non-profit foundation, founded by the ex-soccer players Keko Martínez and Juan Povedano, with the aim of providing opportunities to children around the world at risk of social exclusion. We carry out this mission by instilling the human, social and aspirational values of playing soccer.

We believe that instilling values through this sport can help children at risk of social exclusion, facilitating their inclusion in society and giving them access to opportunities that would otherwise be very difficult for them to come by due to their family, economic and/or social environment.

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Our own methodology

At GOF we have our own methodology that can be implemented in any sphere, either self-sufficiently or under a collaborative model with other organizations, thereby helping existing projects to become more professional and to gain access to human and material resources that would not otherwise be available.

The foundation is an organization formed mainly by soccer players and sports professionals who have first-hand experience of receiving training based on values, such as hard work, discipline and teamwork. Very much aware of the effect this had on their own lives, they feel the urge to offer the same to the most vulnerable people in our society, supporting the foundation with their participation and active involvement.

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Soccer helped them develop core values during their careers, which is why they are now relying on the sport to help the children of Gate forge their own path.

Portrait of Keko Martínez

Keko Martínez


I felt a calling within me to improve and change this situation as much as possible. And I decided that the best weapon for this peaceful war was soccer.

Portrait of Juan Povedano

Juan Povedano


At Gate we understand the power of soccer and its capacity for change. We’ve experienced it firsthand.


They are the “guardians”, people invited by the founding partners in order to oversee the intellectual foundations of the project, coming up with and suggesting improvements, as well as promoting the fulfillment of the manifesto