Thailand Gate

Phuket, Thailand

New this year, we have added new schools in which to implement our program. One of the things we require for our work is maximum commitment and involvement on behalf of the center, the families and the local community in general.

For this reason, we focus on ensuring the continuity of our work in areas where young people can continue to be associated with our project.

Many families move away for work or personal reasons and many children change schools as a result of the educational system. This often makes efficient tracking of the children more complicated.

We have also developed new programs that allow us to adapt to the changing circumstances and thus meet the needs that have arisen over the course of this year.

Spain Gate

Pan Bendito, Madrid

The last stretch of the season began in 2021, a very difficult year for both the children and the coaches, full of health-related obstacles and the psychological consequences they had on the children, for family reasons, concerns, fears and uncertainty.

It has been a year in which one of our priorities has been our psychological support work, being there for the children, continuing in spite of the circumstances, giving them an outlet to interact with one another and play sports.

The dream of Roelien

We want to help the Asia Center Foundation to build a Primary School for 200 kids at risk of exclusion in Phuket, Thailand.

Nowadays, Gate for Children actively works with this NGDO which already has a preschool center.

Help us to make this dream comes true.