5 April 2023

Sport and the role it plays in the integral development of the youngest members of society

Sport plays a very important role in the promotion of human rights and, from Gate, we educate in the values that physical exercise cultivates in people, especially the youngest. That is why this April 6th we are celebrating the International Sport’s Day for Development and Peace: a day in which, more than ever, we are committed to the defence of companionship, teamwork and equal conditions for everyone.

From the neighbourhood of Pan Bendito, in Madrird, we implement sports activities that contribute to reinforce all these values, encouraging the commemoration of this day so important for us. We spoke with some of the representatives of this consolidated project, the result of collaboration with the Club Atlético Pan Bendito Madrid, in which we already have more than 90 children participating.

We believe in sport; in its role as a tool for the integral development of young people; in its role as a source of learning; and in its capacity to build healthy and supportive relationships between those who practice it.